How to Stop Raccoons from Digging Up Plants

Raccoons are pesky critters that can wreak havoc on your garden and landscaping. They can dig up plants, leaving behind unsightly holes and damaged roots. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to keep raccoons away from your plants and prevent them from digging up your garden. In this article, we’ll discuss how to stop raccoons from digging up plants and keep your garden safe.


Raccoons are clever and resourceful animals that can cause a lot of damage to your garden. To keep them away from your plants, you’ll need to take some proactive steps. These include:

  • Secure your trash cans and compost bins
  • Install fencing around your garden
  • Use motion-activated sprinklers or lights
  • Sprinkle cayenne pepper around your plants
  • Set up a live trap

By taking these steps, you can keep raccoons away from your plants and protect your garden from damage.

Secure Your Trash Cans and Compost Bins

Raccoons are attracted to food sources, so it’s important to secure your trash cans and compost bins. Make sure they are tightly sealed and that the lids are secured with bungee cords or other fasteners. If possible, keep them in a shed or garage to make them less accessible to raccoons.

Install Fencing Around Your Garden

Installing a fence around your garden is an effective way to keep raccoons away from your plants. Choose a fence that is at least four feet tall and made of sturdy material such as chain link or welded wire. Make sure the fence is securely attached to the ground and that there are no gaps or holes that a raccoon could squeeze through.

Use Motion-Activated Sprinklers or Lights

How to stop raccoons from digging up plants?

Motion-activated sprinklers and lights can be a great way to scare off raccoons. The sudden noise or light will startle them and make them think twice about coming back. You can also use motion-activated ultrasonic devices, which emit a high-pitched sound that raccoons find unpleasant.

Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper Around Your Plants

Raccoons don’t like the smell of cayenne pepper, so sprinkling it around your plants can help keep them away. You can buy cayenne pepper at most grocery stores or online. Make sure to reapply the pepper after it rains or after the wind has blown it away.

Set Up a Live Trap

If you’ve tried all of the above methods and you’re still having problems with raccoons, you may want to consider setting up a live trap. Live traps are designed to capture raccoons without harming them. Once the raccoon is trapped, you can release it in a more suitable location away from your garden.

Pro Tip

If you have pets, make sure to keep them away from the live trap. Raccoons can be dangerous, and you don’t want your pet to get hurt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep raccoons away from my plants?

The best way to keep raccoons away from your plants is to secure your trash cans and compost bins, install fencing around your garden, use motion-activated sprinklers or lights, sprinkle cayenne pepper around your plants, and set up a live trap.

Do raccoons eat plants?

Yes, raccoons can eat plants. They are omnivores and will eat a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, and nuts.