How to Scare Raccoons Away From Your House

Raccoons can be a nuisance to homeowners, as they often get into trash cans, steal pet food, and even cause damage to property. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep raccoons away from your house. In this article, we’ll discuss how to scare raccoons away from your house, including:

Raccoons are naturally curious animals, and they’re always looking for food and shelter. If your yard is inviting to them, they’ll be more likely to visit. To make your yard less inviting, you should:

Remove Food Sources

Raccoons are attracted to food sources, so it’s important to remove any potential food sources from your yard. This includes pet food, birdseed, and even fallen fruit from trees. If you have a compost pile, make sure it’s securely covered so raccoons can’t get into it.

Secure Garbage Cans

Raccoons are notorious for getting into garbage cans, so it’s important to make sure yours are securely covered. If possible, use lids that latch shut, and make sure the lids are tightly secured. You can also use bungee cords or heavy rocks to keep the lids in place.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Raccoons are attracted to clutter, so it’s important to keep your yard clean and free of debris. Make sure to remove any fallen branches or leaves, and keep your grass trimmed. If you have a pool, make sure to keep it covered when not in use.

How to scare raccoons away from your house?

Use Deterrents to Scare Raccoons Away

If raccoons are already visiting your yard, you can use deterrents to scare them away. Motion-activated lights and sprinklers are a great way to startle raccoons and make them think twice about coming back. You can also use loud noises, such as a radio or a whistle, to scare them away.

Prevent Raccoons From Entering Your Home

If raccoons are getting into your home, you’ll need to take steps to prevent them from entering. Make sure all doors and windows are securely closed and locked, and use weatherstripping to seal any gaps. You can also use mesh or hardware cloth to cover any vents or chimneys.

Pro Tip

If you have a pet, make sure to keep them indoors at night. Raccoons are often attracted to pets, and they may try to attack them if they’re outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep raccoons away from my house?

The best way to keep raccoons away from your house is to make your yard less inviting. Remove any potential food sources, secure your garbage cans, and keep your yard clean and free of debris. You can also use deterrents, such as motion-activated lights and sprinklers, to scare raccoons away.

Are raccoons dangerous?

Raccoons can be dangerous, especially if they feel threatened. They may attack if they feel cornered, so it’s important to keep your distance if you see one. If you have a pet, make sure to keep them indoors at night to prevent them from being attacked.