Raccoon dogs, with their charming looks and unique characteristics, have gained popularity among animal enthusiasts. While they might seem like an enticing pet option, there’s much more to owning one than meets the eye. It’s crucial to be informed about all the associated costs, both visible and hidden, before deciding to bring such an animal into your home.

The Cost of Acquiring a Raccoon Dog

how expensive are raccoon dogs

Pricing Factors for Raccoon Dogs

When you think of getting a raccoon dog, the price isn’t the same everywhere. Several things can change how much you’ll need to pay:

  • Breeder Reputation: Well-known breeders, trusted for healthy pets, might charge more.
  • Age and Gender: Baby raccoon dogs and certain genders may have different prices.
  • Availability and Demand: If many people want them but there aren’t many around, the price goes up.
  • Breeder vs. Adoption: Getting one from a rescue group might cost less than from a breeder.

Initial Expenses

After you decide to get a raccoon dog, there are some costs right away:

  • Transportation and Shipping: How you bring your new pet home might cost money, especially if they come from far away.
  • Legal Stuff and Paperwork: Some places need you to fill out papers and maybe pay a fee to have certain pets.
  • Home Setup: Raccoon dogs need a special place to live, play, and sleep.

Ongoing Expenses

Owning a pet isn’t just a one-time cost. You’ll have regular things to spend money on:

  • Feeding: Raccoon dogs eat special foods, and you’ll need to buy it regularly.
  • Doctor Visits: Just like us, they need check-ups to stay healthy.
  • Grooming: They need baths, nail trims, and more to look and feel good.
  • Licenses and Permits: Some areas need you to renew papers yearly.
  • Insurance: This helps cover any big doctor bills if they get sick or hurt.

Hidden Costs and Unforeseen Expenses

Sometimes, there are costs you didn’t think of:

  • Emergencies: If your raccoon dog gets really sick or hurt, you might have a big bill.
  • Training: If they act up, you might need a trainer to help.
  • Legal Troubles: If you didn’t get the right papers or if there’s an accident, there might be fines.
  • Home Bills: They might use more water, power, or other home things than you thought.

Is Owning a Raccoon Dog Worth the Expense?

Raccoon dogs are special and can bring a lot of joy. But they also cost money. It’s essential to think about:

  • Money Commitment: Can you afford all these costs?
  • Doing the Right Thing: Is it good for the raccoon dog to be a pet? Some say it’s better for them to live in the wild.
  • Other Choices: Maybe there are other pets that are easier on the budget.

Remember, it’s not just about the money. It’s about giving them a happy and healthy life. If you can do that, it might be worth it. If not, it’s okay to consider other pets.

how expensive are raccoon dogs


Owning a raccoon dog is a big deal. It’s not just about having a cute pet; it’s a big commitment. These unique animals need a lot of care, attention, and yes, money too.

  • Expenses: From buying one to taking care of its needs every day, there are many costs. Some you can see right away, like food and toys. Others might surprise you, like unexpected doctor visits.
  • Responsibility: It’s not just about money. Owning a raccoon dog means you promise to look after it. They rely on you for everything – from food to love.
  • Making the Right Choice: Before you decide, think hard. Can you give them everything they need? If yes, they might be the perfect pet for you. If not, that’s okay. There are many other wonderful animals looking for homes.

Always remember, the most important thing is to make sure your pet is happy, safe, and loved, no matter what kind of animal it is.

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